About AES

The Ahmedabad Education Society

The Ahmedabad Education Society (A.E.S.), an esteemed educational institution, boasts a sprawling campus that hosts a multitude of institutions offering diverse fields of study. Guided by visionary trustees, the A.E.S. has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the academic landscape through its unwavering efforts.

With this vision in mind, AES-AG Higher Secondary School (formerly known as A.G. High School) was established by A.E.S. in 1960. Under the leadership of its first principal, Shri M.J. Dave, a renowned educationist and skilled administrator who had recently retired as the principal of H.K. P.T.C., the school initially offered education for students in grades V to X, with Std. XI is being added later. It served as a natural progression for students graduating from H.K. Primary School, which offered education up to Std. IV. Through its competent staff and dedication to academic excellence, AES-AG Higher Secondary School quickly gained a reputation for its outstanding education, drawing students from far-flung areas who sought to benefit from its high standards of education

Over and above the academic field A. G. High School with its vast playground provides ample facilities for the young athletes who have reached the heights of participating and winning prizes not only at the district and state levels but also at the National level.