Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for School Students

Respectful Behaviour:

Students are expected to display good manners, obey school rules, and maintain neatness in their person and dress at all times.

Order and Silence:

Students must maintain order and silence during working hours on school premises. Running, playing, or shouting inside the school building is strictly prohibited.

Prohibition of Electronic Devices:

The use of mobile phones and other gadgets by students is strictly prohibited on school premises. Any such devices found will be confiscated by the school.

Valuables and Belongings:

Students are advised not to bring valuable articles to school. They are responsible for taking care of their own belongings, and the school will not be held responsible for any loss of students’ valuables.

Compensation for Damage:

Any damage caused by a student to school property must be compensated by the student.

Indecent or Objectionable Activities:

Students involved in indecent or objectionable activities within or outside the school premises are liable to punishment, including suspension from school.

Prayer and Discipline:

Students are required to be present during prayer and maintain proper discipline.

School Uniform:

School uniform is compulsory for all students, and no laxity will be permitted in any case.

Timely Payment of Fees:

Students must pay their fees within the stipulated time limit, and failure to do so may result in punishment.

Promotion Criteria:

Students must maintain satisfactory attendance, academic performance, and behavior to be eligible for promotion to a higher class.

Library Books:

Students are responsible for any damage or loss of library books issued to them and must reimburse the cost accordingly.

Damages to School Property:

Parents are responsible for any damage caused by their child to school property and must pay for the damages.

Principal’s Authority:

The Principal has full authority to decide whether a mischievous student will be allowed to continue in the school or not, and their decision regarding school matters remains final.

Disciplinary Steps:

The Principal may take appropriate disciplinary steps against any student found disobeying school norms.

Compliance with School Rules:

Students are expected to comply with all school rules and regulations, and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.